1966 Chevelle Project

Day one fresh off the trailer 
I traded my Harley Davidson Fatboy even up for the Chevelle. I figured the Harley was deprecating faster than an ice cream cone melts in August.
I had been searching for a project for a while as I had 3 sports cars a HD Fatboy and a FJ Cruiser Winter daily driver and I was getting tired of spending all my free time doing maintenance on the fleet and thought I should thin the heard and concentrate on one good project.

My past was steeped in heavy iron street cars from the time i was 12 or 13 I would hang out at the neighborhood hot rod guys garages and hand them tools and clean stuff until they let me help with engine changes, transmission rebuilds and whatever else they were taking apart.
I removed my first engine under a tree with a borrowed chain hoist and hauled it to my dads friends house where I took the 283 apart and put in new rings, bearing and a gasket set. I took the heads to Del Dregney's shop and talked him into o letting me take them apart and grind the valves with his help in trade for shop labor like cleaning blocks and heads for him. 

I now had a Project so it was time to get dirty

I started by giving the current 327 small block a tune up and fixed all the oil and vacuum leaks 
Drained, swapped filters and refilled TH350 replaced the chrome leaking trans pan. put all new gaskets and o-rings in every orifice in the transmission.
Drove it about 100 miles taking it to John Freeman Alignment  and to Rockdale Body Shop for an assessment of the frame and body panels
 BEFORE starting to build the car.

I started cleaning the engine compartment to get rid of years of stickers cheap spray-paint sprayed over grease, oil and dirt.
Pressure washing, scrubbing, chipping and scraping and finally days on end with a 1/4" die grinder with dozens of scrubby wheels and sanding disks produced this.

Finally getting the front sheet metal off and working the rest of the frame horns and body down to clean steel.
I acid etched the exposed frame and coated it with POR15 as a base sealer coat then everything got scuffed with 3M pads
 and finished with 3M pads and sprayed a charcoal metallic black 

Eventually I sold the Engine, Trans and Rear end to a fellow from Detroit looking for a running drive train he could just put in.
Moving on to cleaning and evaluating the Car.

This is pretty much what I wanted in the first place just a Chevelle Body that was not riddled with rust or anything historically significant 
This was my starting point for my build.